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Apr 28 2009

Using Web Anchors to Automate Non-Unique Controls

If the world was perfect, our application would have unique, well named controls. More often than not, though, our applications are a mess of unordered controls, who are deemed non-standard by QTP. In the worst cases, we’re stuck with unnamed non-unique controls, who are only identified by their infamous Index property.
This article will detail an effective approach to robustly automate web controls even in these hard cases.

Jan 21 2009

Using Runtime Attributes to Describe QTP Web Objects

Barak Kinarti has kindly contributed an extremely useful QTip on how to identify Web objects through their Runtime Attributes. I assume that the reader is familiar with using Test-Object properties to describe QTP objects programmatically (you can refresh your memory on the technique here). Here below a typical example is shown: Set ImgDesc = Description.Create …

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Jan 10 2009

.Net Objects, Runtime Hierarchies and Bizarre QTP Errors

I’ve recently came across a disturbing phenomenon regarding .Net automation with QTP, and  thought I would share it with our readers. I hope some of you could shed some light on this mystery. First, some background: As described in our article about Exploring Custom Controls, sometimes QTP fails to properly recognize the AUT’s controls, and …

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Dec 04 2008

The Fastest Way to Work with GUI Objects

So, what’s the fastest way for working with GUI objects? It seems that everyone has an opinion on the matter – some insist the Object-Repository yields the best results, while others are strong advocates for working with Descriptive Programming. While one will insert every object into a variable and use that variable, another would use …

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