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Jul 14 2009

Highlighting the .Net Active Control in Screen Captures

Whether you’re using your own reporting framework, or QTP’s native reporter, your report is probably filled with a lot of full-desktop screen-captures, which are supposed to make the report more comprehensible, but usually just confuse the average reader. An effective screen-capture should highlight the relevant area in the application, and not leave the reader with …

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Jul 07 2009

Overriding QTP’s Native Reporter

This article presents a workaround that allows you to override QTP’s Reporter.ReportEvent command with your own custom implementation, without having to rewrite all the report commands in your existing code.

Aug 04 2008

Save QTP Report as a Single HTML File

There are a lot of different solutions for improved reporting in QTP (for example, our very own ReporterManager). However, sometimes, you simple wish to export the entire report into a single HTML file, in order to copy / mail / archive it. Here’s a neat trick that will help you do that: Open the registry …

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Apr 11 2008

Report Hierarchical Events in QTP Log

Motivation The QTP native log has many drawbacks, especially if your scripts relay heavily on Functions. While Actions are reported in an hierarchical structure (i.e. nested according to their call chain), events reported by function are reported in a flat, unsorted manner. This can be illustrated by the following example: The following QTip will allow …

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