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Dec 26 2013

Custom Control for your Actions Flow

Introduction Flow control is critical for automation, since the script lacks the flexibility and intelligence of a human user. Examples of flow control are decision-structures (if-then-else, select case), loops with a halting condition, and Synchronization Points. Indeed, UFT (ex. QTP) has a built-in mechanism to execute the actions (internal and external) of a test, but …

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Dec 14 2013

Visual BOOST: True Object Oriented Programming for VBScript

After years of research, we are proud to announce a breakthrough that overcomes the limitations VBScript imposes on automation developers. Though the language supports the use of classes, it has always been in a very limited fashion. Now, with Visual BOOST by Meir Bar-Tal, the so essential inheritance and polymorphism features have been finally added to the …

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Sep 28 2013

Google Search Automation

Through the years I have been asked many times by novices to automation and QTP about Google/Gmail automation. This short post provides an example of Google search automation using a class (see below). The class encapsulates opening the Browser (invoking Internet Explorer), navigating to the Google.com page, searching and retrieving the results. The Main Procedure …

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Mar 21 2011

QTP Event Interrupts

One of the more frustrating facts about the script-engine implementation in QTP is that you cannot bind it to external object’s events. For example – automatically executing code when an event occurs in the application under test (the application closes / opens / opens a new document / access the DB, etc.). The following article …

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Sep 20 2010

HP QuickTest Professional 11.0 is out!

Silently, without any major press releases or announcements, HP has rolled out QTP 11.0 and QC 11.0 to their resource site. As with previous versions, you can download an evaluation version and check it out for yourselves (requires an HP Passport user).   [warning]Update; The links to HP download site that originally appeared here below …

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Oct 13 2009

Accessing PRIVATE Properties in .Net Controls

Background One of the more frustrating aspects of automating any complex application is knowing that the application holds a lot useful information which isn’t accessible to QTP. Sometimes accessing the information is just not possible by any means (for example, accessing runtime properties from MFC applications), but other times, it seems to be just a …

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Aug 15 2009

Web Extensibility Lesson – Building a toolkit Support

Web Extensibility is a feature by QuickTest Professional (QTP) which enables you to provide high-level support for third-party and custom Web controls that are not supported out-of-the-box by the QTP Web Add-in. Web Extensibility was a brand new feature in QuickTest Professional 9.5 and since then I never heard or see anyone that has developed a …

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May 13 2009

Vertical text selection in QTP IDE

Barak Kinarty shares a very useful QTip on pefroming vertical text selection in QTP’s IDE.

Feb 07 2009

Writing QTP Tests in Visual Studio

Background It’s no secret I’m not a fan of QTP’s code-editor – it lacks intellisense, meaningful autocomplete, code folding, and many other “Must” features; And while QTP 10 will improve the situation, the IDE’s core problems will remain. In addition to the IDE’s shortcomings, QTP’s reliance on VBScript cripples it in many key areas such …

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Jan 21 2009

No Regular-Expressions for the Desktop Object

Update: Thanks to Peretz, we now know that there is a hotfix that solves the issue (designated QTP_00563), and that the fix has already been incorporated into the upcoming QTP 10 (Atlantis). Thanks a lot for the information and the care! I have recently spent over a day of frustrating debugging until I’ve finally stumbled …

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