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Dec 20 2008

Implementing a GUI Layer with Classes

This article describes a powerful technique that exploits Object Oriented Design Patterns, QTP descriptive programming (DP) and the Dictionary object to pack together GUI objects with their corresponding business oriented functions. The article includes a valuable bonus: a highly effective tip that enables to exit a test smoothly, preventing QTP from getting stuck when it fails to identify GUI objects during runtime.

Dec 04 2008

The Fastest Way to Work with GUI Objects

So, what’s the fastest way for working with GUI objects? It seems that everyone has an opinion on the matter – some insist the Object-Repository yields the best results, while others are strong advocates for working with Descriptive Programming. While one will insert every object into a variable and use that variable, another would use …

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Nov 17 2008

Change QTP’s Automatic Object-Naming Convention

Have you ever got frustrated with the arbitrary names QTP gives to test-objects? When you want it to take the name from the “HTML ID”, it takes it from the the object’s “CLASS”; when you want it to take the “PROG ID”, it takes it from the “NATIVECLASS”; and in general, it seems that QTP …

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Nov 15 2008

Change the Maximum Length of GUI Objects’ Logical Names

Have you ever wanted a little extra room for your objects’ logical name? Well, now you can use all the room you’d like by using this QTip! The length of the logical name is controlled by two values within the registry, MaxLogicalNameLen and MaxLogicalNameLenCutWord. MaxLogicalNameLen sets the cut position for the logical name if it …

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