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Oct 05 2012

Block Decryption of Encrypted Passwords

In a previous article we have seen how to decrypt an encrypted password. In this brief post we shall see how to block such possibility to ensure passwords are secure within the scope of automation.

Oct 01 2012

Decrypt an Encrypted Password

When we enter a password to a WebEdit the input string is encrypted. This short article suggests a method to easily decrypt a given encrypted password automatically.

Mar 21 2011

QTP Event Interrupts

One of the more frustrating facts about the script-engine implementation in QTP is that you cannot bind it to external object’s events. For example – automatically executing code when an event occurs in the application under test (the application closes / opens / opens a new document / access the DB, etc.). The following article …

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Jun 24 2008

Running QTP on 64bit .NET Applications

Benny Abergel was kind enough to share the following valuable QTip with us: QTP can work on 64 BIT OS with one big limitation – 64bit application cannot be recorded/replayed. QTP will work only on 32bit application (many of the AUT can work on 64bit but are actually work on 32bit mode – can be noticed …

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