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Aug 27 2017

What’s App, UFT? (continued)

The purpose of this short post is to correct an error I made recently with regard to the App UFT variable (object). In a previous article which centered around the usage of Option Explicit as part of the bast practices toolset, it was wrongly mentioned that the App variable is not documented. As mentioned there printing its …

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Jul 20 2017

What’s App, UFT?

Customer tales: An exception a developer got while debugging a script disclosed undocumented UFT global object: App. This short article presents the lesson learned and defines what’s App actually ☺ A common (but wrong) practice is the use of variables without defining them first, which is allowed by VBScript, but may cause trouble at runtime. …

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Aug 16 2016

Using Assertions to Control the Script Flow

In computer programming, an assertion is a statement that a predicate (Boolean-valued function, a true–false expression) is expected to always be true at that point in the code. If an assertion evaluates to false at run time, an assertion failure results, which typically causes the program to crash, or to throw an assertion exception. Source: …

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Dec 09 2008

Exit an Action when a Timeout is Reached

This QTip is based on an answer I have given recently in the AdvancedQTP Forums. It is not rare to find QTP users and developers feeling helpless while contemplating a test run session that goes on and on, seemingly till eternity, without any sign of progress. Such a frustrating experience would lead in most cases …

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