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Aug 24 2016

Bulk Rename Files with RegExp

Renaming a file is a common task for which Windows Explorer is enough. However, when it comes to to bulk renaming files things are not so simple. For instance, How-to-Geek describes how to bulk rename files with Windows Explorer and the Command Line, but admits that these are very limited and lacking flexibility. The same …

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Aug 22 2016

A Flexible Data-Driven If Function

In a previous post we delved into a method to override the Select Case decision-making structure to enable more efficient, manageable and readable coding which uses a flexible data-driven approach. This short article describes how to override the If-Else If-Else-End If structure in a similar fashion. The result is, again, code which turns out more …

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Aug 18 2016

A Flexible Data-Driven Select Case Function

It is possible to define conditions which, if true, trigger a call to another function or subroutine, or execute a block of code. Usually this is done by writing a decision-making structure in our code, such as If-Else If-Else for the simpler cases or a Select Case (switch in JavaScript) for the more complex ones. …

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Dec 26 2013

Custom Control for your Actions Flow

Introduction Flow control is critical for automation, since the script lacks the flexibility and intelligence of a human user. Examples of flow control are decision-structures (if-then-else, select case), loops with a halting condition, and Synchronization Points. Indeed, UFT (ex. QTP) has a built-in mechanism to execute the actions (internal and external) of a test, but …

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Dec 14 2013

Visual BOOST: True Object Oriented Programming for VBScript

After years of research, we are proud to announce a breakthrough that overcomes the limitations VBScript imposes on automation developers. Though the language supports the use of classes, it has always been in a very limited fashion. Now, with Visual BOOST by Meir Bar-Tal, the so essential inheritance and polymorphism features have been finally added to the …

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May 04 2013

Using a Test Object Custom Property as a Function Pointer

In previous posts (1, 2) we’ve discussed the possibility of using custom TO properties. To recap, such properties can be used to: Enhance QTP’s ability to identify certain object classes; To serve as temporary storage for important object metadata that is collected during runtime; To enable global action interoperability (as opposed to output parameters which …

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Oct 05 2012

Block Decryption of Encrypted Passwords

In a previous article we have seen how to decrypt an encrypted password. In this brief post we shall see how to block such possibility to ensure passwords are secure within the scope of automation.

Oct 01 2012

Decrypt an Encrypted Password

When we enter a password to a WebEdit the input string is encrypted. This short article suggests a method to easily decrypt a given encrypted password automatically.


QTP Extensibility Accelerator Demo

This video by HP shows the basics of using their Extensibility Accelerator tool. Watch the video and learn how to teach QTP to recognize your GUI custom controls in a matter of minutes. Enjoy!

Sep 08 2012

Using a Test Object Custom Property in Runtime

This article complements the previous post on Using a Test Object Custom Property, in which we discussed the possibility given by QTP to add a custom TOProperty through its Object Identification dialog. Such a property may be used to improve the tool’s capacity to identify Test Objects of particular classes, after implementing its population with data by the AUT’s development team. […] Sometimes, however, we may find it handy to use custom properties just during the runtime session.

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