Screensavoid – Avoid Screensaver Utility

Screensavoid.exe is a small executable script programmed using AutoIt that tracks if a key was pressed or the mouse moved. When a timeout you determine is reached with no keyboard or mouse activity, the script moves the mouse to a random position in the screen, thus freeing you from any concern.

Suppose you are in the midst of a lecture, talking and showing a presentation. Your audience listens to you with great interest. At some point you pause your planned flow to answer a question from the audience. Everything goes swell until… your laptop’s screen darkens. You move rapidly to move the mouse or press a key to stop the machine from shutting off your screen or even get to hibernate or shutdown. You do it and then again… after a few minutes the screen begins to turn off! This is the last thing you wish to happen in such a situation.


Fortunately, Screensavoid has a solution. So, the next time you show a presentation to an audience, make sure you run Screensavoid before! Prior to opening your presentation, all you have to do is run the executable file and indicate a timeout in seconds (we recommended you to provide a value that matches the screensaver setting on your machine). A default value of 120 seconds is provided. Aborting the script is also simple – just press the Esc key.