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Framework Manager 0.81

FrameworkManager lets you program better, cleaner tests by handling all the troubles and nitpicking of the application’s UI level for you. Besides providing an extremely simple interface to building and maintaining your scripts, FrameworkManager solves one of the biggest problems with QTP’s native OR and DP. These mechanisms don’t carry sufficient data from the real-world …

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Reporter Manager 9.21

ReporterManager (an extensible solution for all your QTP reporting needs), will no longer be supported. You may download the latest version, use it as you see fit, modify it, and redistribute it further, as long as: 1. You understand ReporterManager is given AS-IS, without any EXPLICIT or IMPLICIT WARRANTIES, and you make that clear when you redistribute …

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Scripting QTP – Full

Scripting Quicktest Professional (2007) is a QTP guidebook by Dani Vainstein, which he agreed to share freely with the rest of the QTP community. Scripting Quicktest Professional deals with every aspect of QTP programming – from the basics of VBScript, through object identification techniques and advanced usage of windows native dlls and libraries. In fact, the …

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