Aug 27 2014

Calculating Page Size in Pixels

This short post describes a handy way to calculate the page size in pixels.
The steps:

  • The function GetPageNumPixels accepts a Page test object and calls the function GetDocumentElement.
  • The function GetDocumentElement accepts the same Page object and retrieves, via the Object property, the documentElement for either a Page that is standards-compatible or not.
  • The function GetDocumentElement then calculates the rectangle occupied by the page (including hidden parts) based on its client Height and Width and returns it. If some problem arises, the function returns -1.
Function GetPageNumPixels(ByRef oPage)
Dim result
Dim root
Set root = GetDocumentElement(oPage)
If Not root Is Nothing Then
result = root.clientHeight*root.clientWidth
result = -1
End If
GetPageNumPixels = result
End Function
Function GetDocumentElement(ByRef oPage)
Dim root
On Error Resume Next
With oPage.Object
Select Case LCase(.document.compatMode)
Case "backcompat"
Set root = .document.body
Case Else
Set root = .document.documentElement
End Select
End With
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
Reporter.ReportEvent micFail, "GetDocumentElement", "Could not get document element for page."
Set root = Nothing
End If
On Error Goto 0
Set GetDocumentElement = root
End Function

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