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Dec 15 2009

Automating Google Earth

One big question I’ve been asked a few days ago was: Is it possible to automate Google Earth with QuickTest? The answer is: yes! To do that you need to follow some prerequisites: Web + ActiveX add-ins must be loaded. Google earth plug-in must be installed as an add-on on your browser http://code.google.com/apis/earth/. Familiarize with Google …

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Aug 12 2009


Every average QuickTest user probably knows that if he needs to make a number conversion he will use the two built-in functions supplied by VBscript Hex The Hex function returns a string that represents the hexadecimal value of a specified number. Note: If number is not a whole number, it is rounded to the nearest …

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Jun 13 2009

Working with PDF files – Russian translation (part 1)

Olga Ivolgin has translated Dani Vainstein’s chapter on accessing Adobe Acrobat PDF files into Russian. Here’s the first part of her article: Просматривая каталлог статей, которые могли бы заинтересовать русскоязычных читателей, я решила остановить свой выбор на этой статье.На мой взгляд именно этот труд, в своё время принес Даниэлю Вайнштейн мировую известность среди пользоватей QTP. …

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Dani Vainstein and Olga Ivolgin have prepared the following presentation as an effective tutorial for anyone who wishes to introduce himself to the world of Terminal Emulation Automation.


Click here to watch the tutorial

Mar 02 2009

AdvancedQTP’s Official QTP 10 Full Review

QTP 10 has come out in early February, packed with new features and surprises; so we’ve taken a couple of weeks to really get to know it before writing our full in-depth 20-pages review.
My personal impression of this version – Most of the new features are very well executed, but several critical flaws in the IDE improvements make this version merely worthwhile, while it could (and should) have been extraordinary. If you’re using QC, you might have a radically different opinion, since the new QC integration feature are just awesome.
So come in and download the full 20-page review!

Sep 02 2008


Dealing with the many differing locale specifics is a major challenge when testing Web or multi-language applications that will be used in multiple countries.  It’s becoming increasingly important, with the release of technologies such as Windows 2000, to be able to support these scenarios. The new locale features in VBScript are a small step toward …

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Sep 02 2008

Attributes String from File

file attributes are like switches. If the switch for Hidden is on, the file is a hidden file. If the switch for Hidden is off, the file is not a hidden file. This analogy can be carried further by noting that light switches are typically under your control: you can choose to turn them on, …

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Sep 01 2008

Complex Dictionary Usage

In this article we are about to see the efficiency of a dictionary when checking or retrieving values from a web-table, For this purpose we have the following table in our AUT. This is the script that will parse the table and will upload the dictionary. After running the script above, the solarExch dictionary loaded …

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Apr 20 2008

Viewing and Editing Environment Complex Parameter Values

When you click the View/Edit Complex Value button for a parameter with a value that cannot be displayed entirely in the Valuebox, the Edit Complex Value dialog box displays the full contents of the value. What you are going to see in this tip is a workaround do add complex values to the Environment. Open …

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Apr 17 2008

Parameter Exists?

The following function will return True if a parameter ( column ) exists in a specific DataSheet or False otherwise. Public Function ParamExists( ByVal sheet, ByVal paramName, ByVal ignoreCase ) Dim paramCount, colName, sheetName, i ‘ ** translating constant dtLocalSheet to local sheet name If sheet = dtLocalSheet Then sheetName = DataTable.LocalSheet.Name ‘ ** translating …

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