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This page is in honor of the original founders of and of SOLMAR.
The information below on SOLMAR is no longer relevant as the company ceased its business operations on February 28, 2011.




SOLMAR Knowledge Networks



SOLMAR is a global provider of professional services that range from consultancy and integration, thru development and project management, to training, job placement and outsourcing. Established in January 2008, SOLMAR is already a leading global provider of training and coaching in the field of testing automation. SOLMAR’s exclusive Career Paths, provided in the USA through Cortechs and in India through Sela International, have set a new standard to testing automation courses, enabling students to improve their skills at all levels – from complete novices to advanced developers – and also in a wide variety of technologies (Web, .NET, SAP, Java, etc.).

SOLMAR also sponsors the leading resource hub for HP’s QuickTest Professional –, which helps – for free – thousands of professionals with its top class team of experts and materials. A major milestone in the history of the site was the FR Project, which has taught thousands of first steppers the basics of QTP, and for which Dani Vainstein won a prestigious award.

With strong business partners and customers, SOLMAR is also offering a new generic comprehensive testing automation framework – My System (TM) – which revolutionizes the way testing automation is managed, implemented and used, giving even more flexibility regarding the automation tool selected for implementation. For more details please contact

Solmar Knowledge Networks is a certified HP Business partner.

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SOLMAR Management Board

Meir Bar-Tal Yaron Assa

Meir Bar-Tal, co-founder and CEO (also Head of R&D) of SOLMAR Knowledge Networks Ltd., is one of the world’s leading automation architects. With his extensive experience in software analysis, design and development, Meir has focused since 2003 on research and development of cutting-edge methodologies and tools to streamline the automation practices in order to increase the productivity of automation developers. Among the firms that enjoyed his excellent services one can find Ness-ISI (dbMotion), Typereader (Acumen), Amdocs, Matrix, AT&T Unified Communications (Interwise), Bank Leumi and Super Derivatives. Meir also acts as senior consultant at XIV(an IBM Global Brand).

Formerly Meir initiated, as VP R&D of SOLMAR, the development of My System (TM) – the new generation automation framework, which has been already deployed at XIV (an IBM Global Brand). In addition to his other duties, Meir currently continues to push forward an ambitious roadmap for My System (TM).

Meir is also the Chief Editor of AdvancedQTP and Administrator of the AdvancedQTP Q&A Forums, and has his own blog. Meir holds a M.A. degree in Cognitive Psychology from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. View Meir Bar-Tal's profile on LinkedIn

Yaron Assa, co-founder and CTO of SOLMAR Knowledge Networks Ltd., is one of the world’s leading automation experts. In June 2007, Yaron launched a personal blog on QuickTest Professional matters with a vision that can be summarized by the slogan “‘coz we’re programmers, not users“. After joining forces with Dani Vainstein in publishing the best-freebie book Scripting QuickTest Professional and later with Meir Bar-Tal‘s cutting-edge article on Function Pointers in VBScript, this modest blog proved to be a turn-key milestone in the history of testing automation as it changed the way QTP professionals think and work. Until the advent of SOLMAR, Yaron has been with Tescom as Senior Automation Expert. In addition to his duties at SOLMAR, Yaron also acts as senior consultant for various SOLMAR customers. Yaron is also the Site Administrator of AdvancedQTP and has his own blog. He also runs a Hebrew podcast on skeptical thinking and science View Yaron Assa's profile on LinkedIn

Dani Vainstein Marcelo Shprinzak

Dani Vainstein, co-founder and  former CEO of SOLMAR Knowledge Networks Ltd., is one of the world’s lecpc logoading automation experts (Mercury CPC ID: 0630-24567). With nearly 10 years of international experience in the field, Dani has rich experience in automation development with a vast variety of technologies and platforms as consultant and team leader and also as trainer. Among the firms that enjoyed his excellent services one can find Tact (Matrix), Ness Technologies, Creo Scitex (Kodak), SAP, Amdocs, and Comverse, as well as Sela and John Bryce. Dani resigned as CEO of SOLMAR last summer due to his relocation to the USA, and since then he is member of SOLMAR’s Board of Directors. Dani is also the author of the excellent book Scripting QuickTest Professional freely available for the benefit of the worldwide QTP community. View Dani Vainstein's profile on LinkedIn

Marcelo Printac, co-founder and VP Sales & Marketing of SOLMAR Knowledge Networks Ltd. Marcelo has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of business development and  management. Among the firms that enjoyed his excellent services one can find Mafil (rep. of RICOH and TOSHIBA in Israel), Karat (rep. of Canon in Israel) and Yeda Computers & Software (rep. of Apple in Israel). Marcelo holds a Bachellor degree in Business Management from the College of Management at Tel-Aviv. View Marcelo Shprinzak's profile on LinkedIn