Mar 29 2008

About ReporterManager

ReporterManager is an extensible solution for all your QTP reporting needs. ReporterManager allows you to easily set up any combination of reporters, set complex rules for each and every reporter, and immediately use them in your scripts. After setting the reporters once, using the mechanism boils down to one simple command: oReporterManager.Report. You can choose from (so far) 8 reporting engines – User timed popup message, XML, Excel, Styled Text, Screen Capture, Windows event log reporter (local or remote), DB reporter and the native QTP reporter. You can and apply as many Regular-Expression and Object-State filters on them as you’d like. Aside from the current engines and filters, ReporterManager can be easily extended to include countless more reporting and filtering techniques.  Just use the included class template to easily create engines and filters that suite your needs. To illustrate ReporterManager’s strength – with ReporterManager you can:

1. Set up a text backup log (in case QTP will crash and the results will be lost forever), styled for convenient reading.

2. Set up a special text Error log (which only includes failed steps), for quick skimming, and save pictures of all the errors.

3. Set up a fancy Excel log, which only logs performance timers.

And you can do all that with just 10 code lines. Sounds good? Then let’s get started. The best way to do that is to download the code, see the examples, and read the documentation Readme.

To download the latest version click here.

About Yaron Assa

A leading automation expert, Yaron is the original founder of AdvancedQTP.com, and also ex co-founder and CTO of SOLMAR Knowledge Networks Ltd. Yaron has his own website, and also runs a Hebrew podcast on skeptical thinking and science (http://www.safeksavir.co.il).