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Hello and welcome to AdvancedQTP.com, my Automation Knowledge Project! I have been (and still am!) an enthusiast of automation for many years, researching for better working methods that increase our productivity. I love to learn from others and share my own ideas – you are invited to share yours and give your reaction to mine. I invest a lot to make this site as awesome as possible, enriching it with new materials and answering your questions. Your modest contribution helps me keep this asset for the public benefit.

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Check if Page has Scrollbars

Being able to know whether the current web page has a horizontal or vertical scrollbar (or both) can be handy. The following function GetScrollbarState accepts two arguments: The  document (i.e., Browser(“MyBrowser”).Page(“MyPage”).Object) The direction of the scrollbar – “h” for horizontal or “v”” for vertical. And returns true if there is a scrollbar in the given …

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Implementing a Generic Verification Function

The following function yields tremendous code savings, as it can evaluate any comparison between a pair of values (e.g., observed vs. expected) in a generic fashion. It accepts three (3) arguments: 1. sOperator – The logical binary operator, such as ‘=’ (equals), ‘=>’ (greater than or equal to), etc. 2. sObserved – A variant value. …

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Custom Control for your Actions Flow

Introduction Flow control is critical for automation, since the script lacks the flexibility and intelligence of a human user. Examples of flow control are decision-structures (if-then-else, select case), loops with a halting condition, and Synchronization Points. Indeed, UFT (ex. QTP) has a built-in mechanism to execute the actions (internal and external) of a test, but …

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Visual BOOST: True Object Oriented Programming for VBScript

After years of research, we are proud to announce a breakthrough that overcomes the limitations VBScript imposes on automation developers. Though the language supports the use of classes, it has always been in a very limited fashion. Now, with Visual BOOST by Meir Bar-Tal, the so essential inheritance and polymorphism features have been finally added to the …

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UFT 11.53 is out!

HP announced the release of UFT (ex. QTP) 11.53 (service pack 3). Download is available from HP SW site here (you need a HP Passport ID and a SAID). If you are in a trial period for evaluation purposes, you may have to apply to HP to obtain the update. This service pack contains updates related to: …

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Google Search Automation

Through the years I have been asked many times by novices to automation and QTP about Google/Gmail automation. This short post provides an example of Google search automation using a class (see below). The class encapsulates opening the Browser (invoking Internet Explorer), navigating to the Google.com page, searching and retrieving the results. The Main Procedure …

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Implementing Post/Pre Increment and Post/Pre Decrement

In a previous post (please read it first if you haven’t yet) we have seen how to implement C/C++ like arithmetic operators such as ++ and –, as well as += and -=. These languages also support postincrement and preincrement as well as postdecrement and predecrement), so the ++ and — operators work differently when preceding or …

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C++ Style Integer Handling

C++ Style Integer Manipulations in VBScript

If you wondered whether it is possible to replace the awkward statements inside Do…While/Until loops (or to meet other requirements) such as: i = i + 1 a = arr(i) With the more convenient: a = arr(i++) As in languages such as C/C++ – then the answer is YES!   The following class CNum implements the design to achieve a pretty …

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